Pratical Boat Owner: One of the biggest sailboat names in British boat building, Southerly Yachts, has folded again, writes Barry Pickthall. It comes just 13 months after the brand was ‘rescued’ from an earlier receivership.


This latest debacle comes just 13 months after the brand had been ‘rescued’ from an earlier receivership with debts of £1,972,520.

The builder, which once employed 165 people at Itchenor Shipyard and its moulding operation in Havant, went down with the loss of 50 jobs.

A creditors meeting held at the Gatwick Hilton Hotel on 22 August was told that efforts to refloat the building arm of the business had failed and that once three yachts currently under construction for customers were completed, production of the Southerly brand would cease.

Chris Stephens from FRP Advisory was once again appointed receiver but, like last year, when the assets available to offset debts amounted to little more than the office furniture and a database of potential clients, there are precious few pickings.

A spokesman for FRP Advisory refused to divulge the list of outstanding creditors for Southerly Yachts Ltd or its level of indebtedness to Boating Business, stating that this will eventually be published by Companies House.

The land and buildings at Itchenor are owned by Sunchalk Ltd and the mouldings, intellectual property rights to the Southerly, Fisher and Vancouver yacht brands together with equipment and machinery, all remain outside the grasp of the receiver.


Northshore Yachts was formed in 1971, and purchased by Lester Abbott from founder Bryan Moffatt for a reputed £4.5m in 2003. Mr Abbott invested heavily in expanding the Southerly range, building two new factory buildings – the latest of which was opened by Princess Anne in 2010.

After this crash, Mr Abbott also faced criticism from within the marine industry for leaving key suppliers high and dry. Their reluctance to supply the new Southerly Yachts business with vital parts forced Mr Abbott to pay off past debts, and companies like Iron Brothers which manufactured Southerly’s unique swing keels, and was owed £59,000, is owed just £38.00 this time.

Spokesmen from Tek Tanks, Houdini Windows, Holman Rigging and IPC Media, which all took considerable hits in the 2013 bankruptcy, also reported that they have been paid off.

The first sign of problems came at the beginning of August with the removal of mould tools that had littered the Itchenor foreshore ever since Northshore’s moulding facilities in Havant were wound up and moved suddenly to a field behind the Northshore production facility.

A week later, staff arriving for work found the yard locked and a note posted on the door telling them to return home.

A small team of builders was later recalled to complete the three remaining yachts in construction.

Even before the creditors meeting, the Itchenor facility had re-opened for business under the name of Northshore Shipyard Ltd. A new sign on the gate proclaimed ‘repairs, storage, moorings and all types of work carried out – at competitive rates.’

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Yachting & Boating World: The RNLI were called out to the scene following reports that the boat and skipper had gone missing.


A major search for a missing powerboat and its skipper was launched in the early hours of Saturday morning after a vessel crashed into a buoy in Cork.
The RNLI received reports that the vessel was missing after it collided with a channel marker buoy at 12.45am.

Volunteer crews attended the scene in the lower part of Lough Mahon shortly after the call.
Coast guard boats and shore teams also joined the search for the motorboat, along with two aircraft.
After extensive searches of the area, the motorboat and its slightly injured skipper were eventually located at a marina in Crosshaven and all rescue crews were stood down just before 3.30am.

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Motorboat & Yachting: Draco makes its return to the UK market with the new 26.



After a few years’ absence, Draco is back out of the wilderness, resurrected by Windy.

The 26 is the largest boat that Draco will build, with a 23 and 19 to follow.

Simplicity is the key to the 26’s charms, with single outboard power and a clear, sociable deck space adding to the turn-key-and-go ethos.A fine entry and sharp hull is likely to make the 26 comfortable in the choppy stuff.

The basic toilet and sink will be music to the ears of those upgrading from smaller open boats, too.

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Sealine has confirmed that it will be launching a new 33ft sportscruiser at the PSP Southampton Boat Show starting 12 September till 21 September 2014.


The company had hoped to keep the identity of the new model a secret until the eleventh hour, but confirmed the launch in order to dispel inaccurate rumours.

Details leaked by a dealer suggested that the new model would be called the S32, however we can confirm the model Sealine will be unveiling will be called the S330.

Designed in-house by Bill Dixon and the team at Hanse, the S330 is new from the ground-up, with Sealine keen to distinguish it from the S380 (pictured above).

Single and twin-engine choices will be available and a source close to Sealine described the styling as “stunning”.

Full plans are due to be revealed to the press at the Cannes Boat Show (9-14 September), before the boat is unveiled at Southampton the following week.

Photos, prices and specifications are expected to emerge in the coming weeks. Watch this space for much more on what will be the most compact model in the Sealine range.

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Motorboat & Yachting: After dismissing the London show to launch the 430 at Düsseldorf, Broom comes to Southampton this year with the 430 making its major UK debut.

The Broom bread and butter is there – aft cabin, semi-displacement hull and raised helm position – but the interior has had a sprinkle of modern magic from ex-Fairline man Graham Warren.

Out is the cream leather and glossy cherry wood and in comes cool, dark timber, muted cloth upholstery, harder angles and splashes of lime green about the place. It is, quite simply, a lovely place to spend time.

The unique layout of this aft cabin cruiser still works brilliantly and offers so much more living space than the equivalent regular flybridge. How many boats this size can offer two ensuite cabins with so much privacy?

The raised helm position is so well protected that you don’t even consider the lack of a lower helm and the U-shaped cockpit seating is comfortable and sociable.

To see more of the Broom 430, watch Dave Marsh’s video review below.

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Pratical Boat Owner: Many established names have new models that can be seen at the Southampton Boat Show. Looking through the list of boats that are putting in their first appearance at Southampton this year, it’s noticeable that nearly all are from well-known builders.


Some of the builders are smaller than others, but all will be familiar to regular readers of PBO. Take Sirius, for example, several of whose semi-bespoke, exquisitely-built deck-saloon cruisers we have tested over the years.

The Sirius 40 DS continues the theme established by the 310 DS and 35 DS, offering a multitude of interior options and a choice of six types of keel, from twins or a bulbed lead fin to a swing keel.

These boats are an object lesson in how to squeeze an incredible amount of useable space into innovative designs that ooze detailed thought and sail rather well into the bargain. This one costs from around £390,600.

If you want something similar in length but sportier in nature, have a look at Elan’s latest offering – the 400. Taking over from the 410 (tested in PBO August 2007), she’s every inch the modern Elan with her chined, broad-sterned hull and twin rudders.

Plenty of performance should be on tap for those who want it. Prices start at around £167,000, and the boat at the show is available with a specification that makes her ready to sail away.

Moving up in size again, we have the Southerly 535. Designed by Ed Dubois and selling for a sum yet to be disclosed, she has a swing keel that reduces her draught from 11ft (3.34m) to just 3ft 6in (1.1m). If you’re thinking of selling up and sailing away…

The Southerly is one of several new designs from British builders. Just along the pontoon will be the Rustler 37. With her spoon bow, counter stern and elegant sheer she’s what many would regard as ‘a proper cruising yacht’. That’s exactly what Rustler and Stephen Jones set out to create, giving her a long fin keel, deep bilges and a full-length skeg for the rudder. Traditional she may be in many ways, but there’s little doubt she’s going to sail like a witch. Watch this space.

Boat like this built to Rustler’s standards don’t come cheap. With a pretty comprehensive specification, she costs from £315,000.

For the price of the Rustler you could go to Germany and buy a value pack of four Varianta 37s (find the test in the September 2014 issue of PBO, page 92). The Varianta is roughly the same length, but there the similarities end. Compare and contrast.

Rounding off the trio of British newcomers is Swallow Boats’ BayCruiser 25, the latest and largest addition to this trailable range from Wales. Removable water ballast supplements the lead-tipped daggerboard to keep the total towing weight, including trailer, down to just 3,750lb (1,700kg). If you’re after something fast, roomy and easily trailed and have around £69,000 to spend, take a look.

Maintaining the shallow-draught theme is Dufour’s 310. As standard, this twin-wheel, twin-rudder design from France with her beamy, chined hull comes with a 6ft 2in (1.9m) fin, but a centreplate option allows her to sit on the beach. We plan to sail her soon. Prices start at £64,500.

More boats at the show
Inspiration Marine Group will be also be exhibiting seven Hanse models at the show, from the well-equipped Hanse 325 Limited Edition through to the flagship Hanse 575, complete with a Williams Jet tender in the transom garage.

The show will see the world premiere of the new Hanse 455, while other models on display will include the 385, the 415, the 345 and the 505.

Inspiration Marine will also be exhibiting the award-winning Dehler 38 and the Dehler 32, plus a a selection of the Moody range. Southampton marks the UK premiere of the Varianta 37.
Inspiration Marine are now the sole distributors in the UK for the Greenline range of Hybrid motor cruisers from 33 to 48ft. The first range of boats to offer diesel only or diesel and electric propulsion.

On display will be the Greenline 33, which has seen more than 350 boats sold in the first three years of manufacture, plus the twin engined Greenline 40. 

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Motorboat & Yachting: Prestige reveals its replacement for the ageing 400 at this year’s Southampton Boat Show 2014 with brand new model Prestige 420.



As the ageing 400 slopes off to that big boatyard in the sky, the 420 arrives at the show with a host of interesting layout choices to make it a rather potent option in this popular corner of the market.

It’s basically got all of the Prestige charms wrapped up in a 42ft package.

That means IPS propulsion, an aft galley layout and even the trademark midships master cabin with its own stair access from the saloon – an astonishing touch for a boat of this size and price.

It gives you the privacy of an aft cabin with the looks of a regular flybridge and a jolly handsome one at that.

Guests have the forward end of the boat to themselves with a smart double cabin as well as their own bathroom.

The old 400’s shaftdrive propulsion has been updated with a switch to Volvo’s IPS system, pretty much the drive system of choice across the Prestige range.

IPS400 and 500 are the two choices, meaning cruising speeds of 25 knots should be achievable no matter what engines you choose.




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Following months of controversy regarding the new Greek circulation tax, the Greek government has introduced two changes which cut harbour dues, the Cruising Association has revealed.


Until August 1 2014 harbour dues in Greece were collected by the Hellenic Coast Guard, colloquially known as Port Police or PP. Fees comprised an entry charge (paid per visit) and a berthing charge, payable from midnight to midnight for each day the boat was in port. They were charged per metre LOA, plus VAT.

The changes introduced mean the entry fees are no longer payable. Secondly, berthing fees will now be collected by the municipal or local authority (Limeniko Tameo) responsible for managing the quay. Advance payments for a month or more will earn discounts.

Marina fees, which broadly seem to include any quays or pontoons privately managed, will be collected as before, by the marina operator.


‘The old system was very unpopular’
Jim Baerselman from the CA said: ‘The old system of hunting down a port police office hidden in some tiny back street was very unpopular, both with the port police, and for visitors. The net result was that large numbers of cruising folk just didn’t pay, and there has been very limited investment in quayside facilities.

‘Dropping the entry fee is welcome. And if collection agents now come to the boat, far more people will happily pay harbour dues.  Genuine agents will offer a tax receipt.

‘From now on, visits to the port police will be only be required (1) on entering the country, or (2) once a year after that to have your DEKPA or transit log (Greek cruising papers) checked for the new Circulation tax (TPP) payments.

‘This is the controversial tax which came into force in January this year but there is still no indication if or when TPP collection will start.’

The CA has been given a detailed schedule of the local authority fees payable:

1. Arrival dues = zero
In the past, those dues varied from 0,02 euro to 0,30 euro per metre, depending on the type of boat, and  were payable each time a boat came into the harbour

2. Berth-mooring dues (stern to or bows to the quay)
a. Private “small” boats, i.e. boats of LOA up to 7m = 0,03 euro per day per metre
b. Private pleasure boats/yachts

  • of LOA fm 7,01m to 10m = 0,41 euro per day per metre
  • of LOA fm 10,01m to 15m  = 0,47 euro per day per metre
  • of LOA over 15,01m  = 0,55 euro per day per metre

c. Traditional boats/yachts (private or commercial, irrespective of LOA) = 0,08 euro per day per metre

d. Commercial (charter) boats, LOA (irrespective of LOA) = 0,20 euro per day per metre

e. Commercial boats/ships (of any type/LOA engaged in daily-cruise/excursion – art. 12 L.4256/2014) = 0,08 euro per day per metre

3. Alongside berthing is subject to 25% surcharge

4. The dues mentioned in para 2 and para 3 are subject to discount:

  • 20% if paid in advance for 1 month
  • 30% if paid in advance for 6 months
  • 40% if paid in advance for 1 year

5. Laid-up vessels (special berthing dues for 1 year, payable by 1st March)
Private “small” boats, i.e. boats of LOA up to 7m = 70 euro
All other = 280 euro

6. All the dues mentioned above a) have to be collected by the Limeniko Tameo, not the Port Police and b) are subject to VAT

7. Boats/yachts participating in a race are exempted from the payment of the dues during the race.
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Another name has been confirmed for the PSP Southampton Boat Show (12-21 September), with Cowes boatbuilder Seaward set to make the short hop across the Solent for next month’s boating extravaganza.

The company bring along the latest version of the Seaward 25, which promises to be equal parts robust and stylish. The new interior specification of the Seaward 25-E14, to give the new motorcruiser its full title, features a redesigned ergonomic helm for more practical seafaring, including an adjustable seat, tilting steering wheel and height-adjustable footrest.

Boatbuyers will also find an extra two inches of headroom in the wheelhouse, deep moulded seats in the aft and a larger dining table. As well as the luxurious touches, practical considerations include additional storage and a new sliding hatch above the companionway.

There is no word on price as of yet, but the previous range started at around £113,000 for the entry-level twin-engined Yanmar 54bhp model. Those keen to get a closer look should head along to the Seaward stand (M122) in the Southampton show marina.

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A sailor has died on board a yacht on the Solent after he was struck on the head by the boat’s boom just before 1pm on Monday, following heavy weather brought by ex-Hurricane Bertha.


Police confirmed a man in his 30s had died as a result of a yachting accident on board a private boat off Gurnard Ledge. He suffered head injuries and died at the scene. The vessel, which was sailing near Cowes, sent out a mayday call shortly after the incident and the Cowes Inshore Lifeboat was sent to the yacht. 

The Marine and Coastguard Agency said in a statement: “The police launch, Commander, the Cowes inshore lifeboat and the Solent search and rescue helicopter R104 were in attendance.

“The helicopter’s winchman was lowered aboard and the casualty was declared deceased on the vessel by the SAR Paramedic. The casualty remained on the yacht to be taken to Trinity Landing at Cowes, where the vessel was received by a coastguard rescue team and Hampshire Police.”

Police are not treating the death as suspicious and the Marine Accident Investigation Branch has been notified. The sailor’s death came as the Met Office confirmed that Monday was the wettest day of the year in the UK following torrential rain brought by ex-Hurricane Bertha.

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