Motorboat & Yachting: Princess Yachts has confirmed the line-up of boats that it will be bringing to the Excel Centre in January for the 2015 London Boat Show.


In keeping with its status as one of the biggest names in boating, Princess Yachts’ London Boat Show line-up is packed with new models. The Plymouth-based manufacturer has confirmed that it will be bringing along ten models ranging in size from the entry-level V39 to the bespoke Princess 88.

Star of the show will be the recently launched Princess S72, which has its public debut at the Miami Boat Show earlier this year. Meanwhile, the Princess 68 will be on display at the London Boat Show for the first time, and the V48 Open will showcase Volvo Penta’s latest IPS engines. The 2015 London Boat Show runs from 9-18 January and advance tickets are on sale now, with prices starting at £10 per adult.

The full Princess Yachts London Boat Show line-up is as follows: Princess 88, Princess 82, Princess 72, Princess 68 (all new) Princess 56, Princess 52, Princess 43, Princess V39, Princess V48 Open and Princess S72.

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Practical Boat Owner: A heart-warming new children’s Christmas book, which can be personalised to put young readers at the centre of the story, is now on sale – with all profits supporting the Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s (RNLI) lifesaving work.


Written by the RNLI’s senior editor Rory Stamp, and illustrated by award-winning Hannah Cumming, the buyer can select the name, gender and skin tone of the child so they can see themselves at the heart of the story.

Michael Nield, crew member at Tower lifeboat station in central London, said: ‘”The Big Christmas Rescue can be personalised so that your little loved one is the star of the story. It is a lovely book and it will make an ideal gift for young children, with all profits helping the RNLI save lives at sea.”

“This Christmas, volunteer lifeboat crew members across the UK and Ireland will be on call, ready to drop everything and save lives at sea when the pager goes off.”

The Big Christmas Rescue is set on a wet and windy Christmas Eve night and most children are tucked up in bed. But when Santa crashes his sleigh in the sea, volunteer RNLI lifeboat crew members go to the rescue – with the help of a very special child.

Author Rory, 37, is editor of the charity’s Lifeboat magazine. Based at RNLI HQ in Poole, Dorset, he has written many stories of heroism and drama over the 10 years he’s worked for the charity.

He said: “I wrote the story in the build up to Christmas 2013 and was able to try it out on the most honest and beautiful critics I could possibly have found, my daughters Lucie and Hattie. It is wonderful to see this book being well-loved by kids, introducing them to the RNLI as well as raising money to help keep volunteer lifeboat crews equipped, trained and safe.”

Bristol illustrator Hannah Cumming was shortlisted for the Portsmouth Book Award in 2012 for her book The Lost Stars and has also written and illustrated two other books – The Cloud and The Red Boat. She has illustrated for the NSPCC and CBeebies, and has painted a Gromit sculpture for the hugely popular Gromit Unleashed trail in Bristol.

Hannah, 31, said: “It was such a pleasure illustrating this book, not least because it’s the sort of lovely, heart-warming Christmas story I used to read every Christmas Eve as a child. But also because it was an opportunity to celebrate the vital work the brave RNLI volunteers carry out all year round.”

The book is priced at £9.95 and is available to order online at The last order date for The Big Christmas Rescue to guarantee delivery before Christmas is Monday 15 December 2014.

RNLI lifeboat crews launched 122 times across the UK and Ireland during last year’s festive period, from 23 December to 1 January, rescuing 62 people and saving five lives – with six launches taking place on Christmas day.

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Motorboat & Yachting: Powercat charter specialist The Moorings has announced a raft of new destinations for 2015, including Croatia, Thailand and the British Virgin Islands.


American powercat charter company The Moorings has expanded its list of destinations for the 2015 season. The catamaran specialist has added Croatia to its European powercat locations, which also include Turkey, and the Greek islands of Lefkas and Corfu.

Further afield, the company will also be offering powerboat charters in Thailand and Mexico, as well as popular Caribbean destinations St. Lucia, St. Martin and the British Virgin Islands. Customers can choose either a bareboat charter or a crewed charter on board the 514PC (pictured above), which has been custom designed by naval architects Robertson and Caine.

Shannan Brennan, head of global marketing for The Moorings, said: “Whether you’re a seasoned boater or a casual traveller with no experience at all, the 514PC seems to offer something for everyone. Demand from boaters and non-boaters alike has skyrocketed since its debut, and we’re pleased to meet their needs by expanding the 514’s presence into these new destinations worldwide.” Charter holidays in Croatia with The Moorings will be available from April 2015 onwards, with prices starting at $3,115 (£1,965) for a seven-night trip.

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Pratical Boat Owner: Enquiries continue into the disappearance of yachtsman Leonard King on Sunday. Police making enquiries into a yachtsman’s disappearance off Brighton have released a photograph of the missing sailor.

Leonard King, aged 74, of Alfriston, East Sussex hasn’t been seen since Sunday lunchtime after setting in his 70ft Sunseeker boat. An extensive search got underway on Sunday evening when Mr King did not return home as expected and his luxury motor cruiser was found drifting at Brighton marina.

The search, which has now been suspended pending new information, involved the Shoreham and Newhaven Coastguard Rescue teams, Shoreham, Newhaven and Brighton lifeboats.

Conditions were so challenging that the RAF helicopter Rescue 125 had to be stood down due to an active lightning storm in the area. After searching throughout the night, Brighton, Shoreham and Newhaven lifeboat crews were stood down at around 5.30am on Monday, but launched again at 7am at first light.

The Coastguard rescue helicopter 104 from Lee-on Solent also participated in Monday morning’s search. Mr King’s wife Stephanie said it was very unusual for her husband to go missing. She said: ‘I can’t understand what has happened. He is a very experienced yachtsman. He has all his equipment doubled up and is always careful. That is the way he runs things.’

A Sussex Police spokesman said: ‘Enquiries continue into the disappearance of yachtsman Leonard King on Sunday, November 9. “Detectives are investigating the circumstances leading up to his boat being found drifting at Brighton marina as part of this missing person enquiry. Officers are working with other agencies such as the coastguard and the RNLI and Mr King’s family is being supported.”

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Motorboat & Yachting: Coastguard and RNLI teams are searching for the owner of a Sunseeker 75 Yacht after his vessel drifted into Brighton Marina last night with no one on board.

A search and rescue operation is taking place off the coast of Brighton this morning (10 November) after a Sunseeker owned failed to return home last night. Shoreham and Newhaven Coastguard, Shoreham, Newhaven and Brighton lifeboats, and the Lee-on-Solent coastguard helicopter have all been called into action.

The alarm was raised at 9:50pm last night, when his family reported that he had not returned home as expected. Leonard George King, 74, had taken to sea alone in his Sunseeker 75 Yacht, Stefefree.

The boat, which was worth £1.8million when it was launched in 2004, was found alongside the Eastern breakwater just after midnight with its fenders deployed. Lifeboat crews boarded the boat and found the engines were still warm and there was evidence that a “skilled yachtsman” had recently been on board.

Four lifeboats and an RAF 125 helicopter set about a search and rescue mission, which continued until 5:30am, at which point a lightning storm forced the helicopter to land. Following a change of shift, efforts resumed with first light at around 7:00am, the RNLI confirmed. Anyone with any information relating to this incident is encouraged to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency confirmed at 11:30am that the search has been suspended. The area covered includes all pontoons at Brighton Marina and all coastal waters within 2.5 miles of Shoreham and Newhaven.

Sussex Police are now treating the incident as a missing persons case. The owner’s wife Stephanie said in a statement: “Len is an experienced yachtman and has been sailing since he was at least 20. Normally we go together but during the week if its calm weather he may go off by himself.

“He went off just before lunch. I was expecting him home for dinner time. I phoned him several times but his phone was unable to connect so I thought he was on his way back. I called the person who has a boat next to us and he thought we were away.

“I can’t understand what has happened. He is a very experienced yachtman. He has all his equipment doubled up and is always careful. That is the way he runs things.”

When the Sunseeker was located it was taking on a small amount of water, having struck the harbour wall. Divers are investigating the situation to see if there was any mechanical fault. A spokesperson for the Coastguard added: “When going out to sea alone, always check in with the Coastguard. Then if something was to happen, we have a bit of extra information to find you.”

Stuart Carruthers, cruising manager at the RYA, urged boat owners to think about their actions and their abilities before setting out to sea.

“The RYA believes that however manned, all boaters should pay particular attention to their personal safety, have a plan, have a suitable means of communication on board, let someone know what they are doing and keep within their experience and ability. Whatever the severity of accidents, they are always regrettable, frequently costly and as we know sometimes tragic.”

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Yachting & Boating World: Authorities have seized 250 kilos of cocaine in the Caribbean that was bound for the UK. Two sailors from Jersey have been arrested after £40m worth of cocaine was seized from their yacht in the Caribbean.


In a joint operation by the National Crime Agency (NCA), Metropolitan Police and the French Authorities on Monday, the vessel was intercepted and the pair arrested.

Officials say the two men, aged 57 and 42, had been attempting to bring the drugs to the UK and will now face prosecution by the French authorities.

The UK-registered vessel SY Hygeia of Hasla was boarded by the French Customs Coast Guard off Martinique as it began a transatlantic crossing.

Monday’s drug bust was the result of an investigation into a London-based crime group, with connections to the Caribbean, suspected of importing large quantities of class A drugs.

The NCA’s head of international operations Hank Cole, said: “The NCA used its international reach and worked with partners in the UK and abroad to track this vessel. Together we have stopped a huge consignment of cocaine close to source.

“We have no doubt that without this intervention the drugs would have ended up on the streets of the UK where, after being cut, they would have had a likely potential value of £30-40 million. Our investigation into the organised crime network involved in this attempt continues.”

This latest seizure of class A drugs bound for the UK is the second in recent months, with around a tonne of cocaine being seized by the Irish Naval Service on 23 September.

Detective superintendent Neil Thompson said: “Working alongside the NCA, it is clear that the drugs recovered would have been distributed throughout the streets of London and beyond, generating further criminality and fuelling gang activity.

“These arrests show that there is no criminal out there that is beyond our reach – if you deal in drugs in any scale we will find you, we will arrest you and you will face the consequences of your actions.”

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Yachting & Boating World: Three drones were launched from Plymouth on Tuesday to track fish in and gather data on oceans around UK.


Three marine robots have been launched to track fish populations and gather ocean data in and around new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). The drones, which were launched in Plymouth on Tuesday by scientists from the Marine Biological Association and engineers from the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), aim to learn how fish use MPAs on a day-to-day basis.

Using acoustic ‘pingers’, fish species such as plaice and sole will be tracked at sea by the robots. Assisting them in their data collection will be fixed seabed listening stations.

The three autonomous vehicles, AutoNaut, C-Enduro and the SV3 Waveglider will all be carrying a range of sensors to collect additional data on the physical properties of the ocean, such as water temperature and salinity.

Onboard GoPro cameras will also capture valuable photographs and video footage of seabirds and other marine wildlife. Project leader Dr Stephen Cotterell, said: “This technology will give us a new dimension in our understanding of fish movements, residency and migrations in and around the marine protected areas off Plymouth.

“Understanding how fish use MPAs will be vital in understanding the value of these management tools to conserve fish stocks. One of the aims of the EU Marine Strategy Framework is achieving sustainable fisheries, through and ecologically coherent network of MPAs. We just don’t know enough yet about how effective MPAs are for mobile species. With this work we aim to get somewhere closer.”

This week’s launch is the second phase of the pioneering project, which previously saw five marine robots travel hundreds of kilometres off the Isles of Scilly to collect data about oceans.

Head of the NOC’s Marine Autonomous Robotics Systems group Dr Maaten Furlong, said: “This second phase builds on the success of phase one and allows us to test the vehicle fleer in a coastal waters. “Using autonomous surface vehicles in combination with fixed seabed assets significantly enhances the scientific value of the system.”

The two-phase project is the largest deployment of marine autonomous systems ever seen in the UK and will provide important information about the shelf seas, marine life and the scope for autonomous vehicles in future research projects.

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Yachting & Boating World: The Wildlife Trust is calling for dolphins, whales, porpoises and basking sharks to be protected within 17 hotspots. Greater protection is needed for whales, dolphins, porpoises and basking sharks off the coast of the UK, says a new report.


The Wildlife Trust has identified 17 important ‘megafauna hotspots’ around Britain’s shores that should be protected by law in order to preserve these populations for future generations.

While current Marine Protected Areas (MPA) introduced by the government go some way to protecting species, the report believes that dedicated protection is still needed for whales, dolphins, porpoises and basking sharks from fishing, marine development, pollution and boat traffic.

The report said: “The UK government is working towards achieving an ‘ecologically coherent network of MPAs’, however, there’s a glaring omission in this process: the absence of protection for the nutrient-rich and highly productive places on which marine megafauna most depend.”

The charity is asking for 17 key areas around the UK to be protected, meaning they’d be free from marine development, fishing and heavy boat use. At present, there is just one area like this in existence in Cardigan Bay, aimed at protecting bottlenose dolphins. 

The Wildlife Trust’s Joan Edwards, said: “There’s an urgent need to create protected areas at sea for out ocean giants and ensure a network of sites to safeguard these species for generations to come.

“The UK has made huge advances in marine conservation in recent years but there is still a significant job to do. Our marine megafauna – whales, dolphins, porpoises and basking sharks – are still under thread. Many are suffering from the impacts of fishing, whether direct or indirect, increased boat traffic, marine developments and the more persistent effects of pollution.”

“Not all of these impact can be mitigated by spatial protection measures alone but, by designating areas of the sea which are known hotspots, we can provide safe havens for these species and some impacts can be limited or removed altogether.”

The Wildlife Trust would like to see the following areas protected:

1. Farnes East, Coquet to St Marys – notable for white-beaked dolphin, harbour porpoise and minke whale
2. Mid St George’s Channel – notable for common dolphin
3. Bideford North to Foreland Point – notable for harbour porpoise
4. East of Celtic Deep – notable for common dolphin and fin whale
5. Celtic Deep – notable for common dolphin and fin whale
6. South of Celtic Deep – notable for common dolphin and fin whale
7. Western Channel – notable for common dolphin, humpback whale and fin whale
8. Manacles – notable for basking shark, harbour porpoise and (seasonally) minke whale
9. Lizard, Western channel – notable for common dolphin, harbour porpoise, bottlenose dolphin and basking shark
10. Lyme Bay – notable for harbour porpoise
11. North and west coasts of Anglesey – notable for harbour porpoise
12. Lleyn Peninsula and the Sarnau – notable for harbour porpoise and Risso’s dolphin
13. Cardigan Bay – notable for harbour porpoise
14. Pembrokeshire Marine – notable for harbour porpoise
15. North of Celtic Deep – notable for common dolphin
16. Eastern coastline including Silver Pit – notable for harbour porpoise
17. Dogger bank – notable for harbour porpoise and white-beaked dolphin

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Motorboat & Yachting: The London Boat Show will see a major announcement about the future of Fairline Boat.

Motorboat & Yachting: Fairline to add eight new models in next three years

Fairline has announced that it will be rolling out eight new models across the next three years. The Oundle-based boatbuilder has yet to give any further details on the size or layout of these new models, but promises that the 2015 London Boat Show (9-18 January) will feature “a real statement” about the future of the company’s product range.

This news comes hot on the heels of two major appointments, with Stefan Whitmarsh joining as head of engineering and Ben Harrison named as engineering manager. Stuart McCullough, commercial director at Fairline Boats, said: “We’re excited to be announcing these plans to introduce eight new models over the next three years, and looking forward to sharing the full details with customers in just a couple of months’ time.

“Our new-look engineering team gives us fresh expertise to deliver cutting-edge design and product development.” Fairline’s current line-up of motorboats ranges from 38ft to 78ft, with boats available in Targa and Squadron guises.

With no brand new Fairline models unveiled at this year’s PSP Southampton Boat Show (12-21 September), anticipation will be all the higher ahead of the London show announcement.

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Motorboat & Yachting: Sunseeker, Princess and Cockwells are among the latest confirmed exhibitors for the 2015 edition of the London Boat Show.

Motorboat & Yachting: More names confirmed for 2015 London Boat Show

A raft of new names has been added to the London Boat Show exhibitor list, as the 2015 event at the Excel Centre starts to take shape. Sunseeker International, Princess Yachts, Jeanneau, Cockwells, Williams Performance Tenders and Ribeye have all been added to the list of confirmed names, joining the likes of Beneteau and Fairline.

Running from 9-18 January 2015, next year’s London Boat Show should see the organisers deliver on their promise to bring the excitement back to the annual event. New attractions include a 4D experience, which allows showgoers to try out six different marine environments, with the atmosphere, temperature, scent, wind and soundscape of the tropics, the Arctic and many places in between.

Visitors will be greeted in dramatic fashion, as the new ‘wall of rain’ will frame the entranceway (pictured above). Just inside the Excel Centre, there will be the chance to plan your day using the digital information wall that displays details of all the key events, talks, seminars and celebrity appearances taking place.

Travel inspiration shouldn’t be in short supply – as well as plenty of destinations represented at the boat show, visitors can also pop next door and explore the Telegraph Cruise Show (9-11 January only).

Further attractions and exhibitors are due to be added in the coming weeks. Tickets are now available to pre-order online, with prices starting at £15 per adult (12-14 January only). Earlier this month, the show organisers released a teaser video for the 2015 event, and the RYA confirmed details of its member discount for the show.

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