Motorboat & Yachting: BCB Marine will be demonstrating its bulletproof lifejacket at this week’s Seawork Maritime Trade Fair.


This year’s Seawork Maritime Trade Fair will include the launch of a new gadget that wouldn’t look out of place in a James Bond movie – namely the bulletproof lifejacket.

Designed by safety and security equipment firm BCB Marine, the self-inflating body armour system will be demonstrated on the first day of the show, which runs from June 16-18.

The bulletproof lifejacket is meant to provide ballistic protection to members of the coastguard or navy while they are patrolling on deck, before inflating upon contact with water.

In its inflated state, the lifejacket provides 275 Newtons of buoyancy, which is enough to support both the weight of the wearer and the bulletproof body armour plating.

What’s more, the lifejacket features a self-righting design to ensure that the wearer’s airways remain above the surface of the water while they are afloat.

Stefanie Kingston, sales manager at BCB Marine, said: “In recent months we have seen a surge in the number of enquiries for our self-inflating body armour system to be worn by navy and coastguard personnel throughout the world.”

The live demonstration of the bulletproof lifejacket will take place tomorrow at Seawork on Pontoon V8 and is sure to attract a large and curious crowd.

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