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Practical Boat Owner: The UK and Ireland are holding an event to find potential technology candidates to complete the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and counter threats to maritime safety. 


The event will be hosted at the Trinity House in London on 2 March 2016 by the Knowledge Transfer Network and the Royal Institute of Navigation and will explore the future maritime navigation of mix of technologies in 2030 and beyond to identify potential complements to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).

Its purpose is to present ways to protect marine environment, supporting economic growth and maintain safety of navigation in increasingly confined and congested shipping areas, and also to explore technologies that could complement GNSS for robust cost-effective navigation of ships in the future.

Navigable sea space is set to shrink, with growing obstacles like marine conservation areas and wind farms. Therefore GNSS is likely to remain the primary source of navigation data, as it can be prone to interference and is not infallible.

It is clear that there is a need for complementary technologies higher than ever to provide robust and reliable navigation data, combined with a rise in GNSS jamming incidents.

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Practical Boat Owner: Following a fire that swept through a series of old industrial and storage units on the site in Cowes, the owners of Medina Yard, the Harrison Trust, have been liaising with the Isle of Wright Council and businesses.


Monday, fire broke out in a car repair workshop and destroyed two classic yachts at the Moreton Marine premises and other boats were also lost in the blaze.

Accidental cause
Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service said: ‘Fire investigations has concluded it was an ‘accidental cause’ that started the fire.’

‘Our fire investigation is still on-going, but we can say that we are not looking for any suspicious cause. We can put it down to an accidental ignition. We have liaised with police – as we would with a situation like this – but there is no need to bring them in for this investigation”, said fire service group manager, Dean Haward, to Isle of Wight Radio.

Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service crews remained on site yesterday to avoid any further flare ups caused by high winds at the Medina Village, damping down and managing hot spots and advised the public to stay away from the site.

Moreton Marine’s Patrick said on his Facebook page: ‘Thanks for all your messages of support and offers of help. If you’re not careful I’ll take you up on it! All safe but very sad to lose Fedoa and all the hours of work by our great shipwrights. So close to finishing too…. Grrrrr!’

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Motorboat & Yachting: The Cayman authorities are considering prosecuting Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen for coral reef damages after his superyacht Tatoosh was linked to extensive reef damage in the Caribbean.


Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen could find himself in trouble with the authorities of the Cayman Islands, who are investigating coral reef damage done to a 14,000ft2 stretch.

Paul Allen’s 303ft superyacht Tatoosh has been anchored close to the Doc Poulson wreck and The Knife dive site when this coral reef damage occurred.

The local Department of Environment told the Cayman News Service that more than 80% of the coral in this specific area had been damaged by the superyacht’s anchor chain.

A spokesperson has also told the local news: “In addition to assessing the damage and determining the cause of this incident, we are also paying close attention to lessons learned so that we can more effectively prevent these accidents while still hosting visiting yachts.”

However, a statement from Paul Allen’s communications team suggests that he is not taking responsibility and argues that his crew were simply following orders from the local port authority when choosing this anchorage.

It seems that prevailing winds required the superyacht to change its position and the crew took evasive actions to avoid any further damage.

The Cayman News Service cites that although fines can be levied against owners for coral reef damage, two recent examples of cruise ships causing coral reef damage and avoiding prosecution by making local donations to local marine conservations.

Paul Allen’s superyacht, Tatoosh was launched in June 2000 by German boatyard Nobiskrug and was purchased in 2001 for a reported price of $100million.

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Practical Boat Owner: An uncharted wreck of a WWI German submarine, missing in action since 1915, has been officially identified three years after being discovered off the coast of Norfolk and Suffolk.

Survey teams from windfarm developers ScottishPower Renewables (SPR) and Vattenfall spotted the wreck in September 2012 while seabed scanning for the development of windfarm projects in the East Anglia Zone.

Yesterday it was announced that the wreck has been officially identified as German submarine, U-31, which left for patrol on 13 January 1915 never to return. The wreck is approximately 90km offshore in the North Sea but sits on the seabed at a depth of only 30 metres.

SPR and Vattenfall used advanced sonar technology to scan over 6,000km2 of the seabed in the Southern North Sea over two years.

Although more than 60 wrecks were discovered during the scanning work, most of these were anticipated, but the uncharted submarine 90km from shore was entirely unexpected.

The Royal Netherlands Navy was duly notified to investigate whether it was Dutch military submarine HNLMS O13, which went missing in action in June 1940, after the crew were tasked to patrol the waters between Denmark and Norway.

The wreck discovered within the East Anglia Zone is 57.6 metres in length, 4.1 metres in width and 4.6 metres in height and the bow appears to be facing south. Damage was observed at the bow and the stern, so the original length could be slightly longer than it appears and debris surrounding the wreck suggests a more likely length of over 60 metres (but less than 70m).

GoPro footage taken by the Dutch Navy divers highlighted clear images of the conning tower and deck lay-out, which suggested the wreck was of German origin. From German drawings it was identified that this was a WWI German submarine: Type U-31. A database of reference books shows that only U-boats U-31 and U-34 had been lost in this area of the North Sea.

As an official military maritime grave, the wreck of U-31 will remain in its final resting place and plans for any offshore windfarm development will be progressed ensuring no disturbance to the area.

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Yachting & Boating World: New chairman Antony Sheriff joins shortly after Princess announced it would cut 350 jobs.

Antony Sheriff will take over from Philippe Mellier at Princess who will remain on the board of the Princess holding company.

Antony Sheriff used to work for McLaren for a decade but he took the carmaker to court following his resignation in 2013.

Antony Sheriff joins Princess just weeks after it was announced that it would cut 350 jobs as part of a company restructure. Princess employs around 2,000 at its headquarters in Plymouth on the UK’s south coast, and said the cuts would affect the back office, development and production divisions.

Princess is launching new yacht models in 2016 despite its economic troubles.

In a statement about the management change, managing director Chris Gates said: “It was an absolute pleasure to have worked with Philippe Mellier over the past year as he was really passionate about the brand and product and I thank him for all of his efforts.

“I’m delighted to welcome Antony Sheriff to Princess as our new executive chairman. I can clearly see his experience and energy adding tremendous value to our business and I am looking forward to working alongside him to further develop Princess over the coming years.”

“Over 50 years, Princess has built a well-deserved reputation for building the finest boats in its class and I am looking forward to working with Chris and the rest of the brilliant team at Princess, to continue to build the best and most innovative products while delivering the best customer experience in the industry.

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Motorboat & Yachting: Marina WiFi at all 19 MDL sites has been given a boost after the company invested £250,000 on upgrading its service.

The marina chain MDL Marinas has announced that it has spent £250,000 upgrading its marina WiFi service and to handle video streaming, Skype calls and  large file downloads.

The marina WiFi is described as a “high-speed, low latency connection”, compatible with all WiFi enabled mobile devices.

Head of marketing at MDL Marinas, Adrien Burnand says: “Whether for business or pleasure, in this day and age most of us demand and expect excellent internet access wherever we may be.”

The firm has already received positive feedback from bertholders, saying that the marina WiFi is “exceptionally fast”.

Marina WiFi is free to members of MDL Freedom Berthing scheme across all company sites in Britain.

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Yachting Boating World: Two septuagenarian yachtsmen have required assistance of lifeboat crews seven times on their trip from Scandinavia to North America since July. The yachtsmen were recently picked up off the Cornish coast.

The yachtsmen from North America have called rescue teams in Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Scotland and twice now in Cornwall. On Tuesday 19 January, the Falmouth Coastguard sent St Ives Lifeboat team out to tow their sailboat, Nora, back to marina.

The yachtsmen, Bob Weise and Steve Shapiro, both 71 years, told the BBC their rescues have had nothing to do with their seamanship abilities, but saying they have just had bad luck.

According to the St Ives Lifeboat team, Bob Weise and Steve Shapiro called for help when their sailboat lost propulsion and was drifting 1.5 miles north of Corwall’s southwestern tip.

Their sailboat Nora had a broken propeller shaft and a faulty battery, and was moored in a safe spot outside the marina for repairs.

A spokeswoman from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency confirmed they had responded on two occasions over three days to assist the crew of the Nora.

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Motorboat & Yachting: Despite strong sales were recorded, the 2016 London Boat Show saw a drop in attendance of 2%.

Strong sales and improved layout contributed to create a positive atmosphere at the 2016 London Boat Show, despite a slight dip in attendance.

British Marine Boat Shows announced that a total of 90,328 people visited the event at London Excel, which is roughly 2% down compared to last year’s figure of 92,288.

Managing director at British Marine Boat Shows, said: “The quality of business achieved coupled with the fantastic attractions on offer and celebrity faces seen, has resulted in the 62nd London Boat Show being yet another successful show.

“At the heart of one of the world’s most pioneering capital cities, we have showcased the rich heritage of both British and international boating, latest marine innovations and designs to a global audience.”

Sales director at Sunseeker said: “This has been our most successful London Boat Show for a number of years. It is an excellent barometer of sales to come in 2016.”

He added that the Sunseeker team met with more clients and prospects that ever before, eclipsing their pre-recessionary levels of interest and resulting in a 55% year-on-year increase in forward orders.

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Motorboat & Yachting: Two Russian investors look to become newest owners of Fairline Boats and plan to keep production in Britain.

Fairline Boats looks set to sold to Russian investors Alexander Volov and Igor Glyanenko in a deal that is due to be announced later this week at the Dusseldorf Boat Show.The Russian businessmen have made an offer to buy the company for a fee of £4million.

Former Fairline head of yacht sales, Karl Gilding has been named as Director of Fairline Acquisitions Ltd, however he stressed this is a temporary measure to facilitate the sale.“We have made the offer, we have paid a deposit, but until such time as the cheque is paid the company isn’t ours”.

The investors will take responsibility for finishing all remaining uncompleted boats, and they plan to resume production before analysing the state of Fairline’s model range to decide whether it needs to change or not.

Administrators FRP Advisory refused to confirm the deal, despite their deadline for offers passing last Friday.

Primary UK dealer Bates Wharf plans to relaunch the Fairline brand at the British Motor Yacht Show in May.

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Yachting & Boating World: The Harry Potter author J.K Rowling has bought Johnny Depp’s 156ft yacht for £22million after holidaying onboard with her husband and two children.

Yachting & Boating World: J. K. Rowling buys Johnny Depp’s yacht for £22

J. K. Rowling, who is the author of one of the most beloved children’s book of the Harry Potter series in modern memory, has reportedly bought a superyacht owned by actor Johnny Depp.

J.K. Rowling chartered the yacht, called Amphitrite, which Depp listed for holiday when not on board. It appears she may continue Johnny Depp’s practice of chartering the vessel, which is currently listed on multiple sites at £72,000 per week.

Johnny Depp changed the name of the yacht in 2015 – formerly named Vajoliroja, a pun on the pirate flag the Jolly Roger that also blended Johnny Depp’s first name and from his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis and their two children together Lily-Rose and Jack – to Amphitrite after the sea goddess and wife of Poseidon in Greek myth as a gift to his new wife Amber Heard. He later sold the yacht to an American shipping magnate.

Johnny Depp spent £5m renovating the three-deck yacht in 2008, adding a ship-wide entertainment system, bringing water toys like kayaks, water skies, windsurf kit, snorkel gear, wakeboards, filling the five cabins with plush fabrics.

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