Yachting Boating World: A legal row over who should pay to repair the USS Sequoia, how much it will cost, and who will ultimately own the vessel is casting doubt on the future of the presidential yacht.


The USS Sequoia was used by five decades of American presidents, starting with President Herbert Hoover in 1933, and ending with President Jimmy Carter in 1977.

The John Trumpy-designed yacht was subsequently sold and up until 2014, it was being used as a historic charter vessel on the Potomac River. But a row over the USS Sequoia means its future is in doubt.

Since 2014, the yacht has been lain up in the Chesapeake Boat Works shipyard in Deltaville, Virginia while a contract dispute over a loan between the yacht’s owner, Sequoia Presidential Yacht Group LLC and FE Partners LLC is played out.

The matter has now gone to the Chancery Court, where Vice Chancellor Sam Glasscock must determine the price the lender, FE Partners, must pay to exercise an option to buy the yacht.

In 2012, the Sequoia Presidential Yacht Group LLC entered into a $7.5 million loan agreement with FE Partners. Under default terms of the loan agreement, FE Partners can exercise an option to purchase the yacht for $7.8 million.

However, attorneys are arguing how much the option price must be reduced by because of needed repairs to the USS Sequoia and other liabilities.

Much of the case is centred around the actual worth of the yacht and who should pay for the repairs. Estimates to make the historic vessel seaworthy are put between $310,000 and $4 million.

Because of the disparity in cost, Vice Chancellor Sam Glasscock is now considering hiring his own independent marine surveyor to determine what repairs are needed.

The USS Sequoia is a designated National Historic Landmark.

Designed by John Trumpy, the 104-foot wooden yacht was built in 1925 at the Mathis Yacht Building Co. of Camden, New Jersey. It was used by the Department of Commerce as a decoy to catch criminals during the Prohibition era before being commissioned as the presidential yacht in 1933.

According to the official website of the USS Sequoia, President Herbert Hoover promoted his use of the yacht during the Depression in a “misguided effort to elevate the spirit of a starving public”.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt used the vessel to discuss and plan the D-Day invasion with the then-Supreme Allied Commander, Dwight Eisenhower. Once Eisenhower was elected president himself, he entertained Korean War veterans on board.

President John F Kennedy celebrated his 46th, and last, birthday on the USS Sequoia, while Harry Truman entertained visitors with his piano playing and poker games.

Lyndon B. Johnson lobbied for civil rights legislation, and planned Vietnam War strategy on the yacht’s deck. He is also reported to have enjoyed watching movies projected on to the ship’s white smokestack.

President Richard Nixon met with General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev on board to negotiate the first arms control treaty with the Soviet Union. The yacht was a frequent refuge for Nixon during the Watergate era. He even demanded that an electronic shield be built around the entire yacht to prevent bugging. This required that small pinholes be drilled six inches apart throughout the entire railing.

In 1974, Nixon was on the USS Sequoia when he announced to his family that he had decided to resign rather than face impeachment.

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Yachting Boating World: A former fisheries protection vessel has now found a new lease of life exploring the polar regions as the luxury expedition yacht, Enigma XK.


For more than a decade, the Enigma XK was used to protect the fishing grounds off Scotland. Originally called the Norna, the fisheries patrol vessel was built in 1987 by Richards Shipbuilders.

After years of service, the vessel was decommissioned in 2010 and has now been turned into a luxury expedition yacht available for charter.

With a study hull and a 5,000nm range, the Enigma XK offers luxury in some of the most inhospitable places in the world. It can be charted, through Eyos Expeditions, to far flung destinations such as the Northwest Passage and Antarctica.

The superyacht’s refit took around two-and-a-half years from the first preliminary design until completion.

The vessel’s exterior styling was done by Philippe Briand. It included the redesign of the profile with the addition of an owner’s suite forward, a helideck aft and a glass saloon in the middle.

Inside, the yacht’s luxurious interior has been designed by Vitruvius. Up to 12 guests can be accommodated in a master suite, four double cabins and one twin cabin.

The master suite is located just forward of the bridge, and boasts 180-degree views.

The Enigma XK also comes with a wellness room, a fitness room and a 360° glass main salon, allowing guests to view the scenery in comfort.

A small spa pool is located immediately aft of a protected alfresco dining area. Guests can be looked after by up to 19 crew onboard.

The yacht, which is equipped with fin stabilisers, has a cruising speed of 11 knots, a maximum speed of 18 knots.

It is available for charter for 275,000 Euros per week plus expenses.

Following the refit at the Atlantic Refit Center in La Rochelle in France, Enigma XK sailed down the west coast of Africa to Cape Town, before crossing the South Atlantic for a series of Antarctic expeditions.

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Yachting Boating World: Despite attempts to turn HMS Illustrious into a floating museum or attraction, the Ministry of Defence has now confirmed the warship will be sold “for recycling”.


13 May HMS Illustrious, which served in the Falklands War, Bosnia and the Gulf, has been put up for sale for scrap by the Ministry of Defence.

The Disposal Services Authority (DSA) is inviting expressions of interest for the sale of the warship “for recycling”. The vessel is currently moored in Portsmouth Harbour after 32 years of active service.

The announcement comes following several attempts to preserve the 22,000-tonne HMS Illustrious, which is affectionately known as ‘Lusty’.

The last – selling the warship to Gibraltar as a maritime attraction – fell through last month because of the “prohibitive” maintenance cost of the aircraft carrier.

The DSA said the sale could be discontinued should “a heritage option” become open.

Bids for the warship must be in by 23 May with viewings in June.

HMS Illustrious was decommissioned in August 2014 at a service at Portsmouth Naval Base. At the time, the ship was the last Invincible-class carrier left – both her sister ships, HMS Invincible and HMS Ark Royal had already been scrapped.

12 April The HMS Illustrious Association is warning that the warship is at risk of becoming a ‘national embarrassment’ if action isn’t taken to secure the vessel’s future.

The newspaper quotes a spokesman from the government, stating that it was giving “serious consideration” to plans to make the ship a maritime attraction in the British territory. However, the idea has been shelved because of the “prohibitive” maintenance cost of the aircraft carrier.

The President of the HMS Illustrious Association, Vice Admiral Bob Cooling told the newspaper that he would now rather see the ship scrapped if the Falklands warship could not be adequately preserved.

“Unless Lusty’s future is adequately funded to preserve her appearance and dignity as the UK’s longest-ever serving aircraft carrier then it would be better that she is scrapped rather than risk her becoming a national embarrassment,” he said.

The Vice Admiral believes ticket sales could have paid for the ship’s upkeep in Gibraltar.

“What better than such an iconic example of British naval heritage showcased in a vital overseas territory which itself reflects over 300 years of British maritime history?” stated Vice Admiral Cooling.

Responding to the concerns, an MOD spokesperson told YBW: “No decisions have yet been made on the future of the former HMS Illustrious and options for her sale are still under consideration by the Disposal Services Authority.”

HMS Illustrious was decommissioned in August 2014 at a service at Portsmouth Naval Base. At the time, the ship was the last Invincible-class carrier left – both her sister ships, HMS Invincible and HMS Ark Royal had already been scrapped.

‘Lusty’, as she is affectionately known, had been in active service for 32 years, including deployment in the Falklands War. The ship was replaced as the nation’s helicopter carrier by HMS Ocean.

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Yachting Boating World: Punty McPuntface? The Conservators of the River Cam are inviting suggestions to name their new patrol boat which will tackle illegal boaters and punts, as well as the odd unruly swan.


The public are being invited to suggest names for the new patrol boat for the River Cam.

However, keen to avoid a similar debacle as Boaty McBoatface, the River Cam Conservancy is making it clear that its board will make the final decision.

There was a public outcry when the Science Minister, Jo Johnson announced last week that the Natural Environment Research Council’s (NERC) new polar research ship would be named the RRS Sir David Attenborough. This was despite the public overwhelmingly voting to name it Boaty McBoatface.

The manager of the River Cam, Jed Ramsay said: “People can tweet or send in their suggestions via our website. The board will make the final decision.”

Armed with a £10,000 budget, Ramsay is currently shopping for a second hand patrol boat.

Once purchased, it will be used to give the river’s management a more visible presence on the waterway.

Ramsay said the police are also keen to do joint patrols. “We need it to help us check boat licenses, to monitor the speeds of boats and to help us out at events; we have around 50 to 60 a year,” he explained.

Some of the biggest events on the River Cam’s calendar are the Bumps.

This is a series of rowing races in which a number of boats chase each other in single file. Each crew attempts to catch and “bump” the boat in front without being caught by the boat behind.

Ramsay said the new patrol boat could potentially help them out with a sensitive issue during the races.

“The major rowing events like The Bumps happen during June and July when the swans have just hatched and are young. There is a risk of a young swan getting clattered by an oar, and no-one wants to see a dead swan at a race. It is a question of how you manage that. Potentially, we could try and keep the swans off the river during races by using the boat to herd them off into a cut,” said Ramsay.

The river manager said the patrol boat will also be used to help staff with tree trimming and clearing debris and rubbish, as well as dealing with abandoned boats.

Ramsay said there is also an ongoing issue with commercial punting.

“There are around 20 punts that don’t have a licence which they can’t have because they don’t have an operating base. We can prosecute them, but its a small fine,” he explained.

The long term plan is to update the river’s by-laws. This could allow the Conservancy to seize unlicensed craft.

Last month, it was announced that the Conservancy was looking at installing cameras along the river to assist boaters and rowers in navigation. The cameras would also allow an international audience to spectate at boat races such as The Bumps.

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Motorboat & Yachting: The American yard has revealed images of its Nordhavn 59 Coastal Pilot after the new explorer yacht was completed and launched in China.


PAE has released pictures of its latest new model after the Nordhavn 59 Coastal Pilot hit the water for the first time. The new 58ft explorer yacht has an estimated top speed of 20 knots and after its preliminary sea trials, vice-president Jim Leishman was delighted with its performance.

“The boat is very quiet, has a good flat running angle, steers beautifully and we couldn’t be more pleased,” he said.

Designed in America and built in the Chinese port of Xiamen, the Nordhavn 59 Coastal Pilot will suit boaters who have lofty cruising ambitions.

Its Category A offshore rating, single 715hp Cummins QSM 11 engine and 4,000-litre fuel tank make this a certified ocean crossing machine, just like its esteemed Nordhavn brethren.

Key features include a 21.5kw Onan generator, Cruisair reverse cycle air conditioning, and 11hp Side Power bow thruster. The layout includes a choice of two or three cabins, while the flybridge includes seating space for up to 12 people.

British buyers can import models through UK dealers Nordhavn Europe, who are based at Hamble Point.



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Motorboat & Yachting: The second annual London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show has reported an 8% increase in attendance.


London’s newest boat show has gone from strength to strength, with sunny conditions, an impressive line-up of exhibitors and a steady flow of visitors.

For the second year running, the London Yacht Jet & Prestige Car Show was spread across two venues – Old Billingsgate Market and St Katharine Docks, which hosted the London On-Water Yacht & Boat Show from May 4-7.

A total of 6,500 visitors attended each event according to the organisers, marking an 8% increase on the 2015 event.

David Suchet (pictured right) was the special guest on day one of the show, cutting the ribbon at Old Billingsgate Market.

The Poirot actor attended last year’s inaugural event and bought an XO270 from Wessex Marine. This year he returned with his wife Sheila to add a touch of stardust to proceedings, and their 300hp motorboat went on display in the St Katharine Docks area of the show.

“I think it’s important for the industry that it’s here, it’s in a wonderful part of London,” he said. “It’s really upmarket toys for boys and girls.”

Sunseeker made their first appearance at the on-water section of the show, with the award-winning Predator 57 and 68 Sport Yacht both available for viewing.

William Burns, brokerage director at Sunseeker London, said: “We heard good things from last year, it’s a good place to have the boats and the weather came out as well, so it makes perfect sense.

“This is a smaller show, but you can be more intimate with clients, have private viewings, it’s just a more relaxed atmosphere and it’s broadening our audience as well.”

Fairline Yachts was also strongly represented, with a Targa 38 and Squadron 42 on display through brokers Bates Wharf and Burton Waters.

Princess Motor Yacht Sales once again brought the largest vessel to the show in the form of the S72, while the deck saloon version of the V58 made its public debut.

Glider Yachts looked to be one of the biggest talking points of the show, with the radical SS18 set to be unveiled at the show.

However, technical difficulties with the support vessel hampered its journey up from Burgess Marine and after missing the deadline for loading into St Katharine Docks, the new firm had to make do without its showpiece prototype.

Instead, managing director Rob McCall was on hand to answer questions about the project. “The quality of enquiries really exceeded our expectations – this show was the perfect way to introduce our exciting new product to the discerning yacht buyer,” he said.

He added that the vessel will make its public debut in September at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show.

Spirit Yachts also increased their presence this year, with a P40 Coupe moored up alongside Soufriere, the Spirit 54 that was used to film 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale.

Nigel Stuart, managing director of Spirit Yachts, said: “This show has huge potential, because it attracts people from the centre of London and we are able to show them what we make.

“By bringing two boats to the water this year, they can come and see us, touch us, feel us, and that’s what we’re really about.

“It’s a great opportunity to show the market what we’ve got. The location is right in the centre of London, so they can come out of their offices and come and see the boats.”

Other notable models on display included the Bavaria Sport 400, Beneteau GT49, Nimbus 305 Coupe, Axopar 28, Jeanneau NC9, Sealine C330 and S330.

Whilst some of these models were used boats, a planned brokerage section in conjunction with YachtWorld failed to materialise, as exhibitors prioritised the promotion of new models.

Camper & Nicholsons Marinas used the event to explain more details of its refurbishment of St Katharine Docks. The project is expected to take less than nine months and will include replacing all of the pontoons.

Over at Old Billingsgate Market, all of the largest names in the superyacht world were represented with indoor stands and scale models. These included Azimut-Benetti, Lurssen, Blohm + Voss and Amels.

There was also a strong presence from the luxury goods brands, with Goldfinch displaying its Sygnet superyacht piano and Ulysse Nardin once again a key sponsor.

The 2017 London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show will take place in July, with exact dates to be confirmed.

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Motorboat & Yachting: The capital’s newest boat show has returned for a second year, with an impressive fleet on display at the 2016 London On-Water Yacht & Boat Show.

The London On-Water Yacht & Boat Show kicked off this week with sunny weather ensuring a steady flow of visitors to St Katharine Docks.

The four-day event runs until Saturday May 7 in partnership with the London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show at Old Billingsgate Market.

Now in its second year, the show has boosted its exhibitor list with Axopar, Fairline and Sealine among the numerous brands that have been added since the inaugural event.

And this year’s event got a sprinkling of stardust, as Poirot actor David Suchet was on hand to cut the ribbon on the opening day.

However, it is Princess Motor Yacht Sales who have once again made the biggest impression, with three models on display, including the public debut of the new deck saloon version of the Princess V58.

Sadly Glider Yachts was unable to deliver its SS18 in time for the show, but managing director Rob McCall insists that the prototype will be heading to this year’s Monaco Yacht Show instead.

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Practical Boat Owner: An explosion and fire aboard a small sports boat on the Hamble River created a ‘huge plume’ of smoke that could be seen for miles around.


Hamble lifeboat, on exercise at the time of the explosion yesterday evening, were quickly on the scene and extinguished the fire out and towed the sports boat ashore. No one was injured.

A huge plume could be seen from Hythe on the other side of Southampton Water.

A spokesman for Hamble Lifeboat said a ‘large explosion’ was seen and heard by the Hamble Lifeboat crew at around 8.30pm yesterday evening, whilst conducting training for the evening.

Hamble Lifeboat immediately informed the UK Coastguard of the incident and also requested Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service assistance.

The lifeboat was on scene within a couple of minutes and found the vessel ‘completely on fire’.

The spokesman said: ‘It was quickly established that there was only one person involved and he was safe and well away from the vessel.

‘The vessel on fire then drifted away from the pontoon and due to the flood tide went upstream. The lifeboat was able to safely attach a line and get the vessel away from other yachts and craft moored on the river.

‘Once under tow, the lifeboat crew were able to use their pump to extinguish the fire whilst they brought it to the slipway, where the fire crews from Hightown Fire Station were waiting.

‘Once it was established that there was no further danger and everything was safe, the fire crews and the lifeboat returned to their stations. Hill Head CRT and Hamble Harbour Master also attended.’

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Practical Boat Owner: British sailors confirmed for 49er and 470 Men’s events in Rio. The final four sailors who will take to the water for Team GB at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games have today been announced by the British Olympic Association (BOA).


Luke Patience and Chris Grube will compete in the men’s 470, while Dylan Fletcher and Alain Sign complete the squad in the 49er after a close British selection battle.

For Fletcher, Sign and Grube, Rio 2016 will be their first Olympic outing, with Grube having teamed up with Patience following Elliot Willis’s cancer diagnosis at the end of 2015. Patience already has an Olympic medal to his name – a 470 silver he picked up with Stuart Bithell at London 2012.

The first group of sailors was announced back in September with further names being added in March and today’s announcement completes the 15-strong sailing line-up that will head to Rio 2016.

Team GB lead the way in sailing at the Olympic Games and sit atop the overall standings with 55 medals accrued since 1986 – including 26 golds.

The four sailors selected today are:
Luke Patience, 29 (Men’s 470)
Chris Grube, 31 (Men’s 470)
Dylan Fletcher, 28 (49er)
Alain Sign, 30 (49er)

Those previously selected are:
Giles Scott (Finn)
Nick Thompson (Laser)
Alison Young (Laser Radial)
Bryony Shaw (Women’s RS:X)
Nick Dempsey (Men’s RS:X)
Hannah Mills (Women’s 470)
Saskia Clark (Women’s 470)
Charlotte Dobson (49erFX)
Sophie Ainsworth (49erFX)
Ben Saxton (Nacra 17)
Nicola Groves (Nacra 17)


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Yachting Monthly: The Northern Boat Show in Liverpool will be held from 3 to 5 June 2016, coinciding with the International Mersey River Festival.


The Northern Boat Show in Liverpool will be held from 3 to 5 June 2016, coinciding with the International Mersey River Festival.The three-day boat show will  host over 70 boats from many popular boat brands including Parker, X-Yachts, Bavaria, Hanse, Beneteau, Dufour and Jeanneau.

New for 2016 will be displays of inland water boats and ancillary products, systems and services. In recognition of the UK professional wakeboard tour joining the International Mersey River Festival there will also be a range of sports boats on display from Mastercraft and Axis.

You will see some of the top athletes compete in Salthouse Dock using floating jumps and ramps to perform heart-stopping tricks right in the middle of the armada of boats on show. Visitors can also have a Œtaster sail on two traditional boats from Character Boats.

The Northern Boat Show will cover every aspect of the leisure marine industry from boat builders, sail makers, marinas, holidays, chandlers and engine manufacturers to marine finance, clothing specialists and navigation equipment.

The International Boatbuilding Training College is showcasing one of the boats built on their courses and sail maker, Jeckells, will be there to showcase their sails, Adidas Sailing clothing displaying its new range, as well as Volvo motors, one the leading outboard motor manufacturer in the world.

Other exhibitors include Pantaenius, Cruising Association, Boatshed.com, Towergate, Whitehaven Marina, AGlaze, Boatsearch.earth, Black Bear, Bluepoint Marine Services, Conwy Quays Marina, Sail Ionian, Amateur Yacht Research Society, Nisos, Starboard Locker, Nautical 3D Charts, Sail Scotland and Visit Derry.

The Show will be free to all Festival visitors and serious boat owners will be able to buy premium tickets to give them exclusive access to the specialist areas. Early Bird tickets for pontoon access to the boats are just £5 per day or £8 on the bought on the day.

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