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Practical Boat Owner: British Sailing Team sailor Elliot Willis is cycling 250 miles this September for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity: ‘Because they got me to this point where I feel I can do it.’


The Team GB-selected sailor who was forced to drop out of the Rio 2016 Games line-up after being diagnosed with colorectal cancer is getting back on his bike for charity.

Elliot says: ‘I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in November 2015. Due to the amazing doctors, nurses and surgeons at the Royal Marsden and the world class treatment I have been and continue to receive, I am starting to live my life again, and feel able to support this amazing trust by doing something that I used to enjoy so much.

‘Let’s see how it goes as I haven’t had the opportunity to do much riding yet. Thank you for your support.”

Last December it was confirmed by the British Sailing Team that following medical tests, 470 Olympic campaigner Elliot had unfortunately been diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Willis, 32, from Sevenoaks was among the first athletes in any sport to be selected to Team GB for the Rio 2016 Games, alongside 2012 silver medallist Luke Patience.

Elliot said at the time: ‘It’s still my dream to win Olympic gold but right now my focus and energy needs to be on getting better.’

Luke went on to regain selection for the Games with crew Chris Grube and achieved fifth place overall after a whirlwind eight month campaign together.

Meanwhile Elliot has been undergoing ‘world class treatment’ and now wishes to undertake the challenge in support of the ‘amazing doctors, nurses and surgeons at the Royal Marsden.’ who have ‘got me to this point where I feel I can do it.’

Elliot added: ‘The Royal Marsden have been amazing and their pioneering work has led to me receiving a newer type of treatment, immunotherapy (Pembrolizumab), for my type of cancer. The approval for this was made possible by BUPA through UK Sport and I cannot thank them enough for their continuous support on multiple levels, and for enabling and allowing me to receive this new treatment. I hope it can help other patients in the future.

‘I’ve have set up a fundraising page to raise money for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, so they can continue to do the great work they do, promote early diagnosis, provide the very best treatment and care for cancer patients in the best way they can.’

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Yachting Boating World: Will Black died in a boating accident six years ago. The 28-year-old’s body has never been found. Now his family have set up a bursary in his memory.


William Black, who was known as Will, was a bosun on the Russian superyacht, Burresca, when he died in a boating accident.

The 28-year-old, who was from Ripley in Surrey, was piloting a RIB on the last day of the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2010. It collided with an unmanned, anchored sailing yacht just before 10.30pm. Will was thrown from the vessel.

He was not wearing a life jacket and his body has never been recovered.

Now, his family is setting up a bursary with the sailing charity, UKSA, in Will’s memory. Fundraising is being done via Just Giving. Will trained with UKSA, which is based on the Isle of Wight.

The charity aims to offer life-changing opportunities to young people through sailing. Will’s family is also raising awareness of boat crew safety.

“We now are doing something positive in his name within the maritime industry in which William found a home for his spirit of adventure,” wrote Will’s family on the official Just Giving page.

“We are setting up a bursary with the UKSA ( the sailing academy where William trained) to fund new sailors who otherwise might not be able to enter the industry. This is a way for Will’s name to live on and give back to the industry he so loved.”

So far, more than £6,000 has been raised.

Will’s family said following the inquest into his death, they suspect “that the tender (RIB) that he was driving on his way back to SY Burrasca, must have been hit by the swell from another tender ahead, that was being driven at speed (this can be seen on the CCTV).”

“This must have knocked him off the boat and he fell into the water, either knocking himself unconscious or breaking his neck. Either way it would have been instantaneous.”

“The boat then kept going and crashed into a moored boat,” explained Will’s family, who add that Will was not wearing a life jacket.

They also state that the kill chord switch had been disabled.

“If a life jacket had been worn, then in the worst case we would have been able to find his body and have to chance to bring him home and bury him and, best case scenario, if he had only been knocked unconscious we’d still have him with us.”

“Either way safety of crew is such an important issue and one which we can’t let go.”

“Those of you who knew Will’s huge personality and love of life know how devastated this left us all – here’s to doing something wonderful in his name,” added Will’s family.

Will’s parents never got to meet his colleagues on SY Burrasca.

After being advised of Will’s accident by the yacht’s captain, the family flew out to Monaco.

On arrival, his parents found that the superyacht had already left port.

Will’s belongings had been given to the local police. The family subsequently discovered that none of the crew were insured.

They are now calling for stricter marine laws, and are wanting to raise awareness about the working conditions of superyacht crew.

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Yachting Boating World: The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust has bought its first yacht based in Scotland, following support from players of the People’s Postcode Lottery.


For the first time, the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust now has a yacht based in Scotland. It will operate out of the charity’s newest base in Largs, which opened in 2013.

The trust received £200,000 from players of the People’s Postcode Lottery to invest into a yacht in January.

It is hoped the new vessel will allow the trust to better support young people from the North of England and Scotland with mobility issues resulting from their cancer treatment.

The Largs base is now in its third summer of operations. However, so far the trips have been run using chartered vessels which has limited the trust’s flexibility. It also has an ongoing cost.

“This new yacht will allow us to provide a better experience for our young people with mobility issues from Northern England and Scotland,” explained the chief executive of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, Frank Fletcher.

“It will also make operations more cost efficient as the number of vessels needing to be chartered will be reduced,” he stated.

Since 2013, the players of People’s Postcode Lottery have raised £750,000 for the trust. Following advice from yacht brokers, Ancasta, the trust has selected a Beneteau Oceanis 45.

This was due to specific design features of this yacht such as a stern which lowers to pontoon level.

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Yachting Monthly: Noah’s Ark, at least a scaled-down replica of it, has been delivered to Totton School after it was built by Hamble Yacht Services Refit and Repair for the 800th Lord Mayor’s Show.


Hamble Yacht Services Refit & Repair (HYSRR) has gone back to Biblical boatbuilding skills in contructing a miniature replica of Noah’s Ark. It was commissioned by the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights, a City of London Livery Company whose arms feature an Ark, for a float in the 800th Lord Mayor’s show. Lord Mountevans, the current Lord Mayor of London, is a Shipwright and member of the Company.

The Ark has now been donated to Oakfield Primary School in Totton, Hampshire and was delivered on 11 December 2015. Elizabeth Smith, Headteacher at Oakfield Primary School, taking delivery of the Ark said:

‘It’s marvellous! The children are thrilled to have been chosen to have the Ark. We already have an outdoor classroom and this will further enhance the children’s learning.’

The school plans to use the Ark for literacy, to make stories come to life, and link it to the curriculum in maths and RE. It will also be used for golden (reward) time, and the school is already planning a pirate-themed day.

The Ark was designed by Guy Whitehouse Designs, with a structural overview from Richard Oliver of Applied Structural Analysis (a tenant of Hamble Yacht Services). Marineware supplied coatings and all other funding for the Ark was provided by donations from fellow shipwrights.

The prime purpose of the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights is charitable work, supporting charities such as the Sea Cadets, Jubilee Sailing Trust and Youth Challenge as well as maritime schools. It also provides grants for yacht and shipbuilding apprenticeship schemes.

The livery men of the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights are drawn from the UK ship and yacht builders, lawyers and brokers, all of whom have some connection to the construction and operation of small or large vessels.

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Practical Boat Owner:  A yacht that was donated by a Jersey boat owner to help raise funds for shelters for migrants and refugees who are facing a cold winter in Calais camps is urgently awaiting sale.


Volunteer aid worker Ghazi Najib said the yacht was worth £25,000 but added: ‘As a charity we are happy to accept any offer as we need the money to buy shelters for the refugees before the weather get colder as soon as possible.’

Boat owner Michael de Petrovsky visited the camps with aid and construction workers and was so touched by the plight of people living there that the pensioner has now given his seven-berth racing cruiser Contango to Mr Najib.

The money raised will be used to build emergency shelters in the French port town. More than 300 shelters are needed at a cost of $1,700 each; each shelter can accommodate 20 people and provide facilities for eating and lighting.

Mr de Petrovsky is continuing paying the boat’s £350 a month mooring fees in Jersey until it is sold.

The yacht is being sold privately by Mr Najib who said: ‘Every penny counts at the moment before the winter hit.’

Interested buyers can call Mr Najib on 07797 862492 or email

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Practical Boat Owner: A yachtsman has donated his £25,000 boat to the cause of migrants and refugees who are facing a cold winter in Calais camps.Contango, the yacht that is being sold is to raise money for building shelters in Calais.


Boat owner Michael de Petrovsky from Jersey visited the camps with aid and construction workers and was so touched by the plight of people living there that the pensioner has now given his seven-berth racing cruiser Contango to volunteer aid worker Ghazi Najib to aid the cause.

Mr Najib says the boat is on sale and the money raised will be used to build emergency shelters in the French port town. He told PBO that more than 300 shelters are needed at a cost of $1,700 each; each shelter can accommodate 20 people and provide facilities for eating and lighting.

Mr de Petrovsky is also willing to continue paying the boat’s £350 a month mooring fees until it is sold.

The yacht is being sold privately by Mr Najib who saidL ‘Every penny counts at the moment before the winter hit.’

Interested buyers can call Mr Najib on 07797 862492 or email

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Motorboat & Yachting: Sunseeker founder Robert Braithwaite CBE has donated £3.5m to his local hospital to buy a new keyhole surgery robot.


Poole Hospital has bought a groundbreaking keyhole surgery robot, the first of its kind in the UK, following a multi-million pound donation from Sunseeker founder Robert Braithwaite CBE.

Mr Braithwaite donated £3.5m to his local hospital as thanks for the bowel cancer treatment he received there earlier this year.

The money has been used to buy a Da Vinci robot, which was developed in California, and will carry out procedures on patients with rectal, gynaecological, head and neck cancer.

The Sunseeker founder and former CEO said of the donation: “I understand that its versatility will be able to help many and make Poole Hospital a centre of excellence.

“Dorset has played a huge part in my life. It has been home to Sunseeker since the early 70s and many generations have worked with me to build our marine brand into the most recognisable and successful in the world,” he added.

Mr Tas Qureshi, one of the surgeons who treated Mr Braithwaite, promised that the equipment would be made available to train other surgeons across the county.

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Motorboat & Yachting: The Señora Trust has raised £20,000 to restore this classic motor-sailer, which will take pride of place at the 2018 Sunderland Tall Ships Festival.


A 107-year-old motor-sailer will be undergoing an extensive restoration over the next three years, after the necessary funds were raised to set up a new boatbuilding college in Sunderland.

Señora is a 50ft Alfred Mylne ketch motor-sailer design that was built on the Isle of Bute by Archibald Malcolm in 1908. Her original Gardner paraffin engine has been replaced by a Chrysler Diesel engine, giving a top speed of 14 knots and earning her the nickname ‘the E-Type Jag of the Western Isles’.

Former owners include the chairman of P&O, a wealthy Scottish industrialist and a racing driver. Señora was also requisitioned by the Amiralty during both World Wars and took part in the Dunkirk evacuation.

However, she has since fallen into a state of disrepair on the South Coast and her larch and oak hull was due to be broken up for scrap until The Señora Trust intervened.

The People’s Yacht
Following a successful public appeal, £10,000 was raised in two weeks to fund the restoration project, before local builders merchant James Burrell doubled the total.

Kim Simpson from The Señora Trust said: “We have been delighted by the public response to Señora’s plight. Now that we have purchased her for Sunderland, she will become ‘The People’s Yacht’, creating training and jobs. And when she is restored to her former glory, she’ll give hundreds of people every year the chance to enjoy sailing for themselves.”

The first year’s work will be carried out by a team of 24 local students undertaking NVQ level 3 City & Guilds qualifications in boat building, carpentry and engineering. They will be supervised by a master boatbuilder and project manager, hired by The Señora Trust to work on this historic motor-sailer.

However, the grand total needed to complete this mammoth job is £270,000, a target that the Trust hopes to hit in time for her planned unveiling at the 2018 Sunderland Tall Ships Festival.

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Motorboat & Yachting: This weekend will see cyclists and MDL Marinas staff ride from Penton Hook Marina to Ocean Village Marina to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Ocean Village Marina is the finish line for the MDL Marinas charity bike ride challenge.


MDL Marinas staff will be swapping boats for bikes this weekend to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. The marina chain is hosting a 68-mile cycle ride from its Penton Hook facility in Chertsey to Ocean Village Marina in Southampton (pictured above).

Organised by MDL bertholder Gary Pearson, the bike ride challenge will see 25 riders compete to reach the South Coast fastest. Starting at 0900 on Saturday (June 6), the first riders hope to reach Ocean Village by 1600, where a celebratory barbecue will be laid on.

Adrien Burnand, head of marketing at MDL Marinas, said: “When Gary approached us about hosting the ride, we were keen to get involved and help raise funds for this worthy cause, which we know is very close to Gary’s heart.

“It looks to be a fun, social occasion, as well as a great challenge. Lots of our berth holders will be getting involved too, so it should be a fantastic day. We’re really looking forward to it.”

The MDL Marinas team consists of employees Dean Smith, Mike Glanville, Shaw Smith, Jonathan Walcroft, Clive Marriott and Ben Boardman, who have so far raised £880 for the British Heart Foundation via their JustGiving page.




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Yachting Boating World: Victoria Mulligan raised nearly £500,000 for the RNLI and Child Bereavement UK in the wake of the tragic speedboat accident.


The survivor of a speedboat accident that killed her husband and daughter has been awarded an RNLI Supporter Award after raising nearly £500,000 for charity.

Victoria Mulligan organised a huge fundraising challenge in memory of her husband Nick and daughter Emily, who were both killed in a tragic speedboat accident in Padstow estuary in May 2013.

She set up an event called the Milligan Bike Ride to raise funds for both the RNLI and Child Bereavement UK, with 125 cyclists covering more than 300 miles from Cornwall to London over three days in June 2014.

Victoria said: “We wanted to raise money for something tangible and relevant; the money raised will make a real difference and leave lasting legacies in their memory. The RNLI is such an incredible and worthwhile charity, they rescued us from the water on that fateful day.

“Unless you have been in a trauma situation, you don’t know how invaluable these rescue services are, every minute is vital. The money raised is going to train lifeboat crew in every station in Cornwall.

“Something good had to come out of something so dreadful. It’s incredibly empowering to feel you are giving something back to the people who have helped you.”

Victoria, who lives in London with her three children, Amber, Olivia and Kit, plans to continue her fundraising work.

She lost the lower part of her left leg in the accident, but hopes to use a blade in order to take part in sponsored runs.

Guy Botterill, from RNLI Fundraising, said: “It was an incredible journey, which tested even the best of the riders but they did it. The bike ride was a huge physical challenge, but the challenge that Victoria set herself, so soon after the incident, what she achieved in terms of organising it – that was absolutely amazing.”

Victoria went on to explain: “Child Bereavement UK’s counselling has been invaluable, it has helped me and the children cope with our grief over the last year.

“They have given us tools and strategies which help us deal with everyday situations. They have given me advice on how to talk to the children and deal with big events like birthdays and anniversaries.

“I know that their professional counselling will continue to be essential for our family, for a long time to come, as we approach each day and try to put our lives back together living without Nick and Emily.”

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