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Super Yachts Insurance

Superyachts insurance
Owning a super yacht is the dream of every sailor, and just as every super yacht is unique, so are our boat insurance policies. With over 50 years’ expertise in providing marine insurance for luxury boats, we guarantee that our policy will leave you with the best possible cover and total peace of mind. All that is left is for you to live the dream, worry-free.

We offer an extremely high standard in luxury yacht insurance, which protects both you and your vessel. Our policies include third party (up to £3 million), personal accident (up to £10,000) and accidental loss or damage coverage for both your boat and associated property, whether that be property on board, or those associated with over-the-side activities and water sports such as water skiing.

Our insurance policies also insure you against fire, lightning or explosions, theft, malicious damage or vandalism, as well as weather events and freezing of machinery. If you are wishing to sail further afield in your search for adventure, we can put your mind at ease and extend your policy to include war risks too. But that’s not all, we also offer coverage for your liability as the boat owner, as well as coverage for medical expenses for any guests you may have, should the worst happen.

All of this comes hand in hand with excellent customer service from our London office staffed by Velos’ own employees, who are well trained, friendly and qualified in insurance. Our in-house claims handling team work on behalf of our underwriters, which means they are dedicated to resolving your claim quickly and effectively. We also offer a no claims bonus scheme that gives you a 25% discount on your policy (available to both existing and new customers, subject to proof) at no extra charge.

If you are planning on living the dream onboard your superyacht, get in touch with us today for an insurance policy that is tailored to you and your yacht, so that you can live the dream in total financial security.

By definition every super yacht is pretty much unique. In the same way every single insurance policy taken out to protect it must be equally so.

Nothing therefore should be left to chance.

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