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Our Claims Advice

What happens if I have a Claim?

It is our aim is to give you peace of mind by providing an efficient, effective and helpful claims service.

So we can ensure the best service to you, Velos has an inhouse claims team to handle the administration of Your claim.

To ensure a claim runs smoothly we will need your assistance, so please take the time to read this section as it contains some useful guidance and sets out some of your duties and responsibilities.

It is important that you tell us everything you know about an incident that might give rise to a claim whether you think it is relevant or not, it might become important later.

The Velos claims team contact details are:

By Email:
By Post: Velos Insurance Services Ltd, Notcott House, 36 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 9EU
By Telephone: 020 7929 4058 (option 4) from the UK +44 20 7929 4058 (option 4) from abroad

Office hours are 09.00 to 17.30 (GMT/BST) Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.


It is very important that We are immediately informed of any event that may lead to a claim under your policy. Therefore, when you contact us please also quote your policy number if you have it to hand.
We will forward a claim form to you for completion as soon as we are told of the incident, remember you can also download a claim form via our website.

  • This should be returned to us, fully completed, as soon as possible whether or not you intend to make a formal claim and we may ask you to obtain estimates for repairing any damage; and/or
  • to obtain quotations for the replacement of any items lost or destroyed.

Any estimates or quotations should be sent to us without delay although we may also ask you to obtain alternative estimates. A surveyor may be instructed by Insurers to inspect and/or investigate. Except in an emergency or to prevent any further damage, repair instructions should not be given without our prior agreement.

When you are satisfied with the repairs, the invoice should be paid by you and the receipted invoices should then be forwarded to us for payment to you.

Useful Information

  • Please remember that the repair contract is between you and the contractor. Any instructions regarding either repair or replacement must come from you. However you must seek our agreement in the first place.
  • The claim may be subject to deductions in addition to any policy excess and the clauses in your policy wording should be read carefully so that you are fully aware of these (e.g. sails, covers and outboard motors).

Helpful Claims Advice

When loss or damage occurs you should act as if uninsured. This may seem unusual advice but it is most important that in the event of any incident involving your vessel, you must take all reasonable steps to minimise the loss.

Own Damage

  • Take immediate action to safeguard and protect any property from further damage or deterioration (this may include first aid to the engine).
  • Enlist help (professional if necessary) if immediately required to safeguard and protect your boat and equipment.
  • Try to agree a realistic charge or fee if a tow is required before acceptance.
  • Retain and look after all broken/torn/damaged items for inspection.

Damaged by a Third Party

  • If racing, protest the Third Party if they did not accept a penalty. Obtain witness(es) statements.
  • Obtain details of boat type/class/number/name/club and any witness(es) details in addition to the name(s) and address(es) of the helm and boat owner.
  • Road Accidents – obtain details of the driver, vehicle and insurer and any witness(es), and/or call the Police to the scene.
  • If possible write down all the details and make a sketch of the site.

Damage to Third Parties

  • If a Third Party wishes to hold you liable for damage, provide them with our details, your name, policy number and boat details. you should acknowledge any correspondence and pass it on to us immediately.
  • Do not make any admission of liability and do not make any offer of payment.


  • Any theft or malicious damage should be reported to the Police promptly.
  • Keep a note of the Police Crime Reference Number.
  • We will also need the serial numbers of any engines, tenders etc.
  • Notify your club and local harbour master with full details of the theft/vandalism.

This Helpful Claims Advice section is intended to provide some guidance should you have to submit a claim under your policy. It does not form part of any policy wording or give any indication of acceptance of a claim.

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