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Pratical Boat Owner: Planning permission has been granted for the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon, the world’s first tidal lagoon power plant.


Mark Shorrock, chief executive of Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay Plc, said: ‘Wales led the way providing the fuel for the industrial revolution. We are now entering the era of the climate change revolution – de-carbonising our world in time to avoid two degrees of global warming – Wales can now lead this next revolution.

‘In the run up to the Paris talks on a global climate change deal, a deal to steer global emissions from 50bn tonnes CO2e down to 40bn tonnes CO2e by 2030 and 20bn tonnes by 2050, the UK and especially Wales has opened a new door to help answer the greatest challenge of our age.

‘With the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon becoming a reality, locking in 120 year life, zero carbon energy infrastructure, we have the potential to help transform our industrial economy and the UK’s energy mix.’

Mr Shorrock added: ‘We see it as a game-changer, a scalable blueprint, paving the way for a fleet of lagoons that can work in harmony with nature to help secure the nation’s electricity for generations to come.

‘The tidal lagoons that follow – at Cardiff, at Newport, elsewhere in the UK and overseas – must each make their own compelling social, environmental and economic case to proceed.  But they have a pilot project to guide them and a blossoming technical and industrial network to support them.

‘We’ll create an opportunity for the local community and ordinary people across the country to part-own the lagoon, should they wish to do so, later in the year.

‘It seems a very long time ago that we first set out our vision to the people of Swansea Bay: the international class sporting facilities and events; the opportunities for employment and leisure; the visitor facilities and tourism potential; the incubation of new ventures in mariculture and conservation; the blank canvass for art and learning, for culture and interaction; the Sunday stroll along the lagoon wall.

‘We now have some further permissions to secure and must successfully conclude CFD negotiations on our way to financial close, but the vision is now closer to reality than ever before and our delivery team is readying itself to start on site and start delivering for Swansea Bay next spring.’

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Five years on from its buyout by Marina Projects, Whitehaven Marina has completed its £1.2m upgrade programme. The Cumbrian marina has added a new office to its recently installed walk-ashore berths.

A brand new office and customer reception area completes the works, which have also included 140 new walk-ashore berths and a cruise-ship taxi terminal. The office’s glass atrium provides views across the waterfront and further enhances the North West marina’s appeal with boat buyers and owners.

Mark Bowden, operations director at Whitehaven, explained how this was made possible:?

“By clever design and engineering we were able to lift one side of the roof by 20 degrees allowing full-length windows to be installed, so the duty team can look across Lowther Marina and to the Sea Lock.”

Upon last month’s completion of the project, Marina Projects has also freed up addition parking spaces on the Bulwark Quay.

Upcoming events at Whitehaven Marina this summer include Tall Ships Festival (20-22 June) and Whitehaven Live (5 July).
Whitehaven Marina first opened in 1998, however the has been a harbour in the local area for 400 years, with booming trade in the 1600s making it the third largest port in the UK.

As a member of the TransEurope Network, Whitehaven Marina is able to offer berth holders discounted rates in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain and Portugal.


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